Dominic Raab tells fans that you should go to Christmas parties for ‘social interaction’

Today, Dominic Raab insisted that people should go to Christmas parties despite the Covid virus – but admitted his own administration won’t have one.

The justice minister spoke after the government was accused of sending mixed messages during festive gatherings.

Last week, Dr. Jenny Harris, head of the Health Security Agency, said people shouldn’t socialize “if you don’t need to” to keep Covid under control.

But it was overshadowed by the Prime Minister, who later supported the parties moving forward.

Asked which of them was right on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show today, Mr Raab said: “People should go to parties and events.”

He added: ‘I don’t have the full context of what (Dr Harris) said and of course the scientific and public health advisors will be very careful what they say, but our message is this. Enjoy this Christmas.

“The introduction of a vaccine means that we are in a position to do so and … we are also saying that employers can be trusted to take … a common-sense approach to the realities of conditions in their business and in the sectors.

The comments came after he confirmed earlier that his own administration would not be holding a big birthday party.

The justice minister spoke after the government was accused of sending mixed messages during festive gatherings.

Raab notes that there is no closure on Christmas

Dominic Raab gave Britons a Christmas boost today as he signaled there would be no return to the strict restrictions imposed to combat Covid during last year’s holiday season.

The deputy prime minister said this year’s Christmas will be better than last year, when there were significant restrictions on gatherings, and shops and bars closed, as he defended the tough new travel restrictions.

Raab said PCR tests for all UK arrivals were vital despite being a “burden” for the travel industry.

But in an upbeat message, he went on to tell Sky News: “We are going into this Christmas in much better shape, we can enjoy Christmas this year in a way we couldn’t have last year.

This is evidence of the vaccine program in particular, the boosters that protect us during this winter, the colder months, as well as the risks from the variants. So I actually think we did the right thing.

Later, he appeared on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “I think it’s going to be a great Christmas.”

He said in an interview with Sky News that he would be getting “appropriate drinks on a smaller scale” at the Justice Department.

“People can come in and have Christmas parties, of course employers will want to think common sense about how to do that,” he told the Trevor Phillips Show on Sunday.

We’re not going to have a DOJ-wide Christmas party this year.

We will take the appropriate drinks on a smaller scale. The government wants people to be able to enjoy Christmas this year.

“People should feel free to go and enjoy these festivities and every business owner will think about the right way to do it and I am like everyone else.”

After a week of mixed messages from his ministers, the prime minister admitted there had been “a lot of fade and go” at Christmas parties.

But he said it was “not right” for people to consider canceling seasonal events – saying his government’s “severe measures” at the borders should continue in the country without the need for further restrictions.

Thousands of Christmas parties have been canceled this week amid fears of Omicron’s release, with confusing messages from ministers some blamed.

But last night, the Prime Minister tried to reassure Britons, saying: “On the topic of Christmas parties I have noticed that there is a lot of controversy and concern on this subject; people who are concerned that they need to cancel their Christmas parties.

‘this is not true. We don’t say that. We are not saying that birthday plays should be cancelled. I strongly believe that children should be in school and I also believe that Christmas should proceed as naturally as possible.

He added, “What we’re trying to do is deal with the Omicron variant and that means there are some strict procedures at the borders and also some procedures to ensure that people are isolated after coming into contact with the Omicron case. Plus we’re stressing about masks.”

He described the approach as “balanced and proportionate” and added that vaccines would still provide “the best protection”.

MailOnline revealed last night that the Christmas markets, events and reservations for the festive season are worth £12 billion to the British economy.

Boris Johnson’s decision to keep the economy open despite concerns over Omicron may be worth £1.1 billion for Christmas markets, the winter wonderland industry and more than £10 billion for hospitality.

Thousands of Christmas parties have been canceled across the UK amid conflicting advice from ministers about a new alternative – a sector of the economy believed to be worth around £1 billion.

Business leaders and MPs urged the prime minister to take control as they warned that public confidence could erode as a result of conflicting messages about whether to go ahead with celebratory plans.

The city with the most revenue from festive markets is Manchester with £306 million across six city center squares, followed by Birmingham where the Frankfurt Christmas market brings in £187 million.

Winter Wonderland in London at Hyde Park is estimated at £119m, followed by Winter Wonderland in Nottingham at £99m, markets in Newcastle at £92m and Edinburgh at £88m.

Other major UK markets include Sheffield at £47m, Belfast at £44m, Glasgow and Bournemouth at £34m, Exeter at £20m, Bath at £14m and York and Winchester at £12m .

The data was previously collected by Where the Trade Buys, a printing company that supplies small businesses that come to market, to examine the impact of cancellations due to the second national shutdown and tiered system.

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