Distinctive additions that improve wheelchairs

Millions of people with disabilities around the world are benefiting from the advancements in wheelchairs. As it allows them to rely more on themselves, in addition to moving freely and quickly.

Modern wheelchairs offer very important advantages. However, these chairs are usually very bulky, so it can be difficult for users to buy more than one.

That is why the two specialists began designing and developing accessories for the current chairs, which allow them to have a huge number of new features and features. From bicycle inspiration to robotics.

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wheelchair add-ons

The addition of the UNAwheel Maxi is one of the most notable wheelchair additions to come out in recent times. It allows the wheelchair to be converted into a bicycle.

This addition mounts without problems on most conventional wheelchairs, particularly in the front of the chair, and does not add much weight.

The addition comes with buttons to increase or decrease the speed just like electric bikes, along with steering and change of direction features.

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The steering part consists of a combination of metal and plastic. While the handle is made of rubber, it is also an addition that provides an easy user experience, and opens new horizons for people of determination.

This addition comes with a rechargeable battery, which allows movement of a full 30 kilometers on a single charge, while the wheelchair speed after installation is up to 20 kilometers per hour.

And the innovations didn’t end there, as Revolve Air introduces a foldable wheelchair, making it easy to carry and store, especially on airplanes.

This innovation eliminates the need for wheelchair users to come early before flying to store the seat on the plane, and the size of the chair when folded is 30% of its original size. The company plans to launch its new product to the market by 2022.

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Creative solutions have begun to reach the areas of transportation and communications as well. People of determination usually find problems in using transportation in light of their dependence on electric chairs.

Bird has partnered with Scootaround to launch the first convenient means of mobility, and this collaboration provides three different vehicles that can be used through the Bird app.

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