Did China misdiagnose video game addiction?

The Chinese government strictly deals with gaming addiction. This is because it allows children under the age of 18 to play for three hours a week. Especially during Fridays, weekends, and public holidays.

Children can only play between eight and nine in the evening. according to clarified The government, the new decision comes with the aim of reducing addiction to electronic games.

China has a history of similar moves that have reduced playing hours dramatically. This included a blanket ban on evening play that was implemented in 2019. In addition to forcing players to display their names and IDs while playing.

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Some parents have largely approved of these behaviors. To the point of sending their children to camps of an extremist nature to “cure” them from addiction to electronic games. But according to specialized sources, the Chinese government may be wrong in the way it defines gaming addiction.

This is because the World Health Organization describes gaming addiction as affecting mainly behavior and personality structure, and that it is not based entirely on the number of hours a child plays.

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China and video game addiction

Gaming addiction can be described as a stage where everything else becomes worthless compared to hours of gaming. Which is a very advanced level, of course.

According to one study, children love electronic games because they are an ideal way of communicating with their friends. Although there are strict laws, children always try to get around them. Addiction to games is different from enjoying them.

Because the addict may sacrifice his social life, his friends, his habits and instead keep playing around the clock with extreme carelessness. But this rarely happens. Experts believe – commenting on Chinese laws – that there is a big difference between this situation and the player’s health status.

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The new law may affect Chinese children negatively. The new period – which is 3 hours per week – is very few. Besides, the government has set a certain hour to play, and there is no doubt that the entry of all players at the same time will affect the game servers.

There is no doubt that the new Chinese laws will make playing difficult for most children and teenagers. But they may find solutions to cross these limits. Specialists believe that playing under the supervision of parents, even for twice the number of hours that China forced its citizens to, may lead to positive results.

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