DICE Head of Development Fawzi Mesmar leaves the studio

Media sites spotted the likes of VGC An email has reached employees at DICE informing them of the departure of Fawzy Mismar, the studio’s current head of development and design, and the former head of Candy Crush developer King Studio.

According to what is said in the media report, this message stated that he had been planning to leave for a while and therefore his withdrawal from the studio was not related to the faltering launch of Battlefield 2024, but rather the reason for leaving an attractive business opportunity that was generous enough to wait for him to finish launching the aforementioned game in the market, but it was not completed. Disclosure of the company or studio funding this opportunity.

Mesmar was previously the studio head of Candy Crush developer King.

In this letter, Fawzi expresses his great pleasure to work with the best studio in the universe, as he puts it, and thanks them for their trust in him, and hopes that he did not disappoint.

So far, Fawzi Mesmar has not officially announced this matter, and therefore we consider it an unconfirmed media report at the present time.

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