Diablo 4 gets a new director

With the problems and issues that Activision Blizzard has faced, which we have reported to you during the last period, many changes have begun within the walls of the American company, and here is the Diablo 4 game expected to reach these changes, as “Joe Shelley” the person who worked on World of Warcraft and Diablo 3, Diablo 4’s official production process, and the report confirmed that it is an honor to continue the idea and vision of the series with the new Diablo 4 part.

As we know, former game director Luis Barriga was abandoned from Blizzard last August amid allegations of harassment and abuse against Blizzard, although he had been working within the company’s walls since 2006, but he was abandoned along with the level designer. In the game, “Jesse McCree” with the designer of the game World of Warcraft, “Jonathan Likeraft”.

After his new appointment, Shelley said:

Like many of you, our team has been thinking about recent events for the company, a lot has happened since our last blog and the hard work of practicing the values ​​we aspire to must continue, in parallel with this important work, Diablo 4 will continue to be developed without any major issues.

NSWe don’t have a release date for Diablo 4, but last year, former game director Luis Barriga stated that Diablo 4 is going to take time, is in its early stages, and won’t release soon.

in late september, Activision Blizzard has settled an equal opportunity lawsuit for $18 million. Blizzard’s chief legal officer also left the company last month.

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