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The Spotify experience is mainly based on the idea of ​​playlists, where you create playlists and follow the playlists created by others so that the platform can suggest more songs to you.

You can follow a lot of playlists and different users, and you can delete playlists from your account.

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Delete Spotify Playlists

Spotify shares playlists across all its versions and applications, so you can access various playlists through the application from your phone or computer.

Playlists are deleted across all versions of the app, so you don’t need to delete the playlist in your phone and your personal account separately.

You can delete Spotify playlists by following these steps:

Head to the Song Library tab via the bottom menu in the app, and then tap on the list you want to delete.

When you enter the list you want to delete, click on the three dots at the top.

Then choose Delete List from the list of options that appear in front of you.

Spotify playlists

Spotify asks you to confirm the process of deleting the list from your account on the platform.

Spotify playlists

When you confirm, you will completely delete the list from your phone and all your Spotify accounts, and you will not be able to access this list again.

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Stop following playlists

You can’t delete playlists that you haven’t created, but you can unfollow other users’ playlists.

You can unfollow playlists by heading to the Library tab as well, and then choose the playlist you want to delete.

And then click on the green heart mark, until the green mark disappears and becomes empty.

You are now unfollowing this playlist directly.

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Customizing Spotify for the Middle East

Spotify has an office for Middle East operations and works in collaboration with some of the Middle East’s most famous artists to provide exclusive work for the region.

It also works with the most important and famous content makers to present a group of distinctive podcasts, which encourages many to try the platform in terms of podcasting and follow it.

You can record your podcast and upload it directly to Spotify if you wish.

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