Delete location data from iPhone photos you send

All the iPhone photos that you send to your friends via social media contain a set of Metadata data that you don’t see with your eyes.

This data includes a range of details related to the image such as the location where the image was taken and the time in detail.

It also includes a set of data related to the photographic lens, such as the type of camera, lens, aperture, and some other data.

And photo-sharing sites use this data to categorize the photos and make them a little easier to access.

The danger of leaving location and location data in photos

Some consider the location, location and date data to be a breach of their privacy, and it happened in 2010 that a group of fans gained access to Adam Savage’s house via photo he shared to his car on Twitter.

This incident caused great inconvenience to Adam, the well-known host of Mythbusters.

This prompted Twitter to remove location data from images automatically and without user interaction, unlike most social media applications.

Also, mainly image sharing platforms like imgur and others do not remove this data, and this may cause inconvenience to users.

Therefore, you should remove the location data in your photos if you are a fan of privacy and want to preserve it.

Steps to remove location data from iPhone photos

Apple cares about privacy a lot, which is why it always tries to add features that protect users’ privacy.

And Apple allows you to remove location data from iPhone and iPad photos right before you share them.

By pressing the Options button in the sharing window, from this window you can remove only site data or all data.

Location data sharing is automatically enabled in iOS 13/14 but in iOS 15 it is automatically turned off.

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Remove data from Mac photos

You can send and share photos via your MacBooks as well, but before that you need to remove location data from them.

You can do this through the system’s Photos app, where you head to the app’s settings and in the General Settings section you will find an option to remove location data from photos.

You can also remove location data by exporting images and converting their format through the Photos app itself.

This is done by choosing to export images and then removing the location data from the resulting image as you can see.

This is an important step for lovers of sharing photos and maintaining their privacy.

This should be of interest to everyone in all parts of the digital world.

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