Delayed last generation version of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One’s official Twitter account shared a small message announcing that there are some tweaks for the game’s release date.

The developer confirms in this message that the game is coming later in the fall of this year for the PC and the current generation platforms, as for the platforms of the last generation Xbox One and PS4, the decision was taken to postpone it until after that time window because it needs more time.

He confirms that the delay will not be very long, but mostly for a few weeks only, and soon he will clearly announce the date of the game’s launch in the markets for all platforms and confirms that there is no need to worry about canceling the copies of the last generation, but rather he is working on them with effort and will not abandon them.

The developer is also excited about an interesting announcement about the game tomorrow, as well as answering the most frequently asked questions about the game.

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