David Lammy’s unfortunate answers appear on Celebrity Mastermind in 2009 as he is given a new role

Trustworthy moment New shadow foreign secretary said the 2003 Rose Revolution took place in Yugoslavia and Marie Antoinette won a Nobel Prize: David Lamy’s unfortunate answers to celebrity masterminds in 2009 resurface as he’s given a new role

  • Representative David Lammy was promoted this week in a surprise Labor reshuffle
  • In 2009, it is believed that Henry VII ascended the throne after the death of Henry VII
  • He also got the wrong football question about his beloved Tottenham Hotspur
  • Since 2000, the deputy has only received 13 points, eight of which are from his specialty
  • This week, he said he was “honored” to be the new Shadow Foreign Secretary

The new shadow foreign minister of the Labor Party once believed that the 2003 Rose Revolution took place in Yugoslavia and that Marie Antoinette won the Nobel Prize for Physics as footage reappeared on the celebrity mastermind after his promotion.

MP David Lammy, who was awarded the new role by Sir Keir Starmer this week, provided a number of unfortunate answers when he appeared on the BBC’s quiz show in 2009.

During the general knowledge tour in which he got five correct answers, the deputy for Tottenham believed that the cowardice of Red Leicester accompanies the port and that Henry VII ascended the English throne after the death of Henry VIII.

Mr Lamy also got the wrong question about his beloved Tottenham Hotspur when asked who scored England’s first goal under Fabio Capello, opting to go to Aaron Lennon instead of Jermaine Jenas.

But as Labor’s new shadow foreign secretary, his answer to a question about the 2003 Rose Revolution will be even more troubling.

Presenter John Humphreys asked which country the so-called ‘Rose Revolution’ of 2003 led to the resignation of its president, Eduard Shevardnadze, to which Lamy responded with ‘Yugoslavia’, when in fact the correct answer was Georgia.

David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, was this week promoted to Shadow Foreign Secretary during a surprise reshuffle

During a surprise cabinet reshuffle on Monday, Starmer promoted a number of prominent centrists and downgraded his key allies.

Lamy took the position of Shadow Secretary of State from Lisa Nandy who was moved to confront Michael Gove as Shadow Secretary of the Communities Settlement.

Following his promotion, Mr Lamy, who has been an MP since 2000, said: “I am honored to be appointed as Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth Affairs and Development.

“As Britain recasts itself on the world stage, I look forward to defining Labor’s vision of a values-based foreign policy grounded in cooperation and universality.”

But within days of his promotion, he made an unfortunate appearance on the Celebrity Mastermind, much to the delight of social media users who dubbed it the “golden comedy”.

Days after being promoted in the PT edit, the unfortunate Lamy appeared in a movie

Days after being promoted in the Labor Amendment, the unfortunate Lamy has appeared in ‘Celebrity Masterminds’ since 2009.

Pictured left next to Sir Keir Starmer, Yvette Cooper and Rachel Reeves, Mr. Lammy incorrectly said the 2003 Rose Revolution took place in Yugoslavia

Pictured left next to Sir Keir Starmer, Yvette Cooper and Rachel Reeves, Mr. Lammy incorrectly said the 2003 Rose Revolution took place in Yugoslavia

Mr. Lamy scored eight points during his niche topic on boxing legend Muhammad Ali, but only managed five correct answers during the general knowledge round.

When asked about the castle used to defend the gates of Paris which was later used as a state prison, Lamy said Versailles also believed that James Gandolfini appeared in The Godfather rather than the Sopranos.

He also believed that the 1903 Nobel Prize winners for Physics Marie and Pierre were nicknamed Antoinette, not Curie.

He also passed five questions, including a question about the name of the theater’s highest seat fair, and the Military Purple Heart Award given to those injured in combat.

But among some of his memorable incorrect answers, Mr. Lammy was able to correctly identify that MI5 had been set up in 1909 to counter the threat of German spies, with William Hague claiming to have dropped 14 bushels of beer a day while working as an assistant to a delivery man, lead singer In Coldplay as Chris Martin, that Oprah Winfrey has other business ventures and that the term shed originally meant a shed or outhouse.

David Lamy’s Unfortunate Appearance in ‘Celebrity Mastermind’

What is the married name of the scientists Marie and Pierre, who won the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics for their research in radiation?

Lamy: Antoinette

Answer: Korean

The cockpit is rugged and inaccessible on any Caribbean island?

Lamy: pass

Answer: Jamaica

Which former conservative leader, in an August 2000 magazine article, claimed that while working as a delivery man’s assistant, he dropped about 14 bushels of beer a day?

Lammy: William Hague (correct)

Which fortress was built in the 1870s to defend one of the gates of Paris and later used by Cardinal Richelieu as a government prison?

Lamy: Versailles

Answer: pastel

In February 2008, who is the Tottenham Hotspur player who scored the first goal during Fabio Capello’s reign as football manager in England?

Lamy: Aaron Lennon

Answer: Jermaine Jenas

James Gandolfini played a mafia boss named Tony in Which American TV Series?

Lamy: The Godfather

Answer: soprano

What is the name used for the highest seat gallery in a theater?

Lamy: pass

Answer: the gods

What organization was founded in 1909 as the main division of the Secret Service office to counter the threat of German spies?

Lamy: MI5 (correct)

What is the US military award given to those who have been wounded in combat and bear the inscription of military merit on its back?

Lamy: pass

Answer: purple heart

Chris Martin is the lead singer with which award winning British band?

Lammy: Coldplay (correct)

Which variety of blue English cheese traditionally accompanies port?

Lamy: Red Leicester

Answer: Stilton

What did the term luxury apartment on the upper floor originally mean a shed or an outhouse?

Lamy: penthouse (correct)

In 2006, Sandy Toksvig replaced Simon Hoggart as presenter of Any Radio 4’s Quiz Show?

Lamy: pass

Answer: News Quiz

What is an American chat show host with business ventures including Harpo Productions and Oxygen Media that operates a 24-hour women’s cable television network?

Lamy: Oprah Winfrey (correct)

Who ascended the English throne at the age of nine when his father, Henry VIII, died in 1547?

Lamy: Henry VII

Answer: Edward VI

In chemistry, what is the French word for a tube for transporting measured quantities of liquids?

Lamy: pass

Answer: absorbent

In which country did the so-called “Rose Revolution” of 2003 lead to the resignation of its president, Eduard Shevardnadze?

Lamy: Yugoslavia

Answer: Georgia


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