Daredevil may see him in the upcoming Disney+ series Echo

Since Netflix canceled Daredevil in 2018, one of the most successful superhero series, and many fans of this work began hoping for his return or even seeing Daredevil as the distinguished actor “Charlie Cox” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, until some rumors emerged about the presence of “Matt”. Murdock / Daredevil” during the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, after the official trailer for the movie was shown, but “Charlie” denied this. But it looks like hope isn’t dead yet, and maybe we’ll see Daredevil in one of Disney’s next projects.

A new report came out today Source: Daniel RichtmanHe indicated that “Charlie Cox / Daredevil” is scheduled to appear in the upcoming Echo series for Disney + services, and that there have been reports about the start of “Disney” work on this series earlier this year, and that he will have a supporting role during the events of the series, and it is expected that To appear in at least 6 episodes.

This news is in line with the fact that Echo is closely related to Daredevil during the comics, and this is what fans of this distinctive character hope to see in reality and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its sequels.

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