Daily Mail Comment: PM is right to resist hitting the panic button

Daily Mail Comment: PM is right to resist hitting the panic button

No one stood to win the fortune that Boris Johnson’s political enemies would make the decision not to impose onerous new Covid restrictions.

With cumbersome predictability, their criticism came thick and fast. He was weak, indecisive, and afraid of his deputy. Thus, they grumbled, and he was gambling with the health of the nation.

The Daily Mail is completely different. The prime minister showed good sense of pressure resistance to hit the panic button and propel the country down the slippery slope to Lockdown 4.0.

Of course, he fears a tsunami of Omicron cases that would put an unbearable strain on an already ailing NHS.

But the severe restrictions are taking a heavy toll on lives and livelihoods.

Based on Sage’s latest models, Boris Johnson could not justify repressive measures

Companies crashed. Workers thrown on the scrap heap. Mental decline for those who cannot see their loved ones. Countless patients who go undiagnosed. They all certainly kill like the most virulent virus.

Based on Sage’s latest models, Johnson cannot justify such repressive measures.

This time around, these fearsome charlatans (who are proven very wrong in every case) have warned that 6,000 Covid-19 deaths per day without urgent action.

Even in the most imaginative realms, how could that be? In the grip of last winter, daily deaths amounted to only a quarter of that. Between then and now, the British have received 130 million doses of the vaccine.

So the Cabinet is right to demand “indisputable” evidence about the Omicron danger, which appears to be less serious, before tightening the restrictions.

Alarmingly, Mr Johnson did not rule them out before the new year – risking another hot spot with rebellious Tory MPs.

However, if the NHS can’t really handle the Covid boom, even after a blitzkrieg and receiving huge sums of money, it needs a radical overhaul.

The Prime Minister promised that vaccinations will put us on the path back to an irreversible normalcy. What happened to this?

He must give us the appropriate information, give us guidance if needed, have confidence in our own and let us live our lives. Another closure would be despicable.

cut self-isolation

It’s a desperate situation. Shops, pubs, theaters and restaurants have closed their doors instead of having a bustling Christmas trade.

Doctors and nurses sit idle at home – risking chaos on the NHS. And police officers twirl their thumbs instead of breaking crime.

These are the dire consequences of Britain’s surreptitious slide into lockdown.

Fearing Omicron, many are avoiding crowded places to avoid the virus in case their holiday plans are ruined.

The overly restrictive rules are forcing those who test positive to self-isolate for ten days – even if they are no longer contagious.

This perfect storm of dwindling customers and employee absenteeism is crippling business, threatening the fragile recovery, and putting public services under tremendous strain.

How can ministers tackle this crisis? First, by reducing the quarantine to seven days. Then they instructed their scholars to rein in the cautionary rhetoric.

  • Like a malfunctioning hand dryer, on Sir Keir Starmer’s drones… this time accusing the Prime Minister of a “leadership vacuum” in the Covid fight. This is rich. Leaving aside, the Labor leader has nothing fruitful or insightful to say about dealing with the pandemic. In fact, had it been up to him, we’d still have a complete shutdown. But isn’t the definition of a “leadership vacuum” his refusal to apologize for his hilarious quest to put Jeremy Corbyn—the anti-Semitic, terrorist-supportive, financially troubled, class-warrior dinosaur—in 10th place?


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