Customize Quick Replies on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch includes an option called Quick Replies, which allows you to send a quick reply to any text message you receive on your phone.

These quick responses work via a menu that appears on your Apple Watch screen, and you can choose to respond directly via the watch.

These quick replies are used by many around the world due to the small size of the watch screen, as it is not possible to write a complete message through it quickly.

And you can control the list of quick replies that appear to you through the watch, in order to put the appropriate messages for you and your business.

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Customize Quick Replies on Apple Watch

You can add any response you want to the list of quick responses, if you do not find the appropriate responses for you through this list.

You can do this by following these steps:

Head over to the Watch app on the iPhone paired with your smartwatch.

Then go to choose my watch and choose the messages app, and then choose default responses.

Go to the bottom of the list and choose Add a new reply, and then enter the text you want and press OK to save it.

When you’re done you’ll see your new quick reply appear on the screen, and you can choose it directly from the menu.

And you can rearrange quick responses in order of priority by pressing the edit button within the watch application on the phone.

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New watch leaks

Days separate us from the upcoming Apple conference, in which it announces the new generations of its mobile devices.

The world expects to see a new watch under the number 7, and a group of leaks have appeared about this watch.

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The most important difference between it and the old watches is the design, as the new watch comes with square edges similar to the iPhone 12.

We also see new watch colors, as well as new sensors to capture your heart rate, breathing and blood sugar.

But we are not expected to see a reduced version of the watch under the SE version, as happened with the previous generation of the watch.

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