Creator Ed Boon shows us how the character movement of Scorpion was created decades ago

The prestigious Mortal Kombat series will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year, but according to creator Ed Boon, the actual work on the first title of the series began in 1991, so the celebration can start from now.

That is why we shared a series of interesting tweets for those who want to learn about the development of the series and the creation of its characters, as we shared a video reviewing the registration process for the famous classic Scoprion movement and how the team was trying to find new ideas and how some of them came during the filming process and not in the preparation period.

Boon also talked about difficulties encountered in the development process at the time, such as the problem of limited memory in the hardware of the devices during that time, which forced them not to invent a new movement for the characters exposed to the Scorpion movement, but rather borrowed the developer from the designs of the already existing movement.

The developer promises us there will be more of this valuable information about the series when the anniversary celebrations kick off next year.

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