Court deems Apple’s 30% stake unjustified

In another session with the Epic and Apple contentious dispute case, we now convey to you more statements of the judicial court responsible for settling the dispute.

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Where the US court talked about Apple’s share of 30% of all purchases through the applications in its store, which in its opinion is a fair share of the great quality that the developer gets through the store in addition to being within the recognized standards in the gaming industry.

But the court refused to agree to this opinion and considered that there was no logical justification for this share, as the court noted more than one complaint from the developers about the rise of this share and also said that it did not receive documents from Apple that prove that the large share it receives bears any quantifiable relationship to the services provided, i.e. In other words, the court has no justification for this high price, but it is impossible to accurately determine the quality behind the 30% share, due to the lack of sufficient competition in this field and the lack of connection between the company’s services to developers and this financial share as well.

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