Court decides Apple must allow developers to enter external purchase links

A court has finally reached a final decision on the dispute between Epic and Apple, issuing an injunction in favor of Epic Games forcing Apple to give developers the freedom to place external purchase links in their apps

In this injunction, Apple will completely prevent Apple from manipulating the matter, which will undoubtedly help the case of Epic in returning its famous game Fortnite to the App Store after the game was removed due to the outbreak of a dispute over Epic’s overriding a 30% tax that includes all sales within the applications.

This, but it seems that this was the only case that Epic won. In other matters, the court denied the accusation of Apple of following a monopoly methodology, and it could not find confirmation of the validity of this accusation according to local or national antitrust laws. However, the court sensed attempts to monopolize its tax policy and therefore issued the aforementioned injunction.

However, the court also rules that Apple is not considered a monopoly under antitrust law.

And Apple had previously filed a lawsuit as well, accusing Epic of not complying with the terms of the contract between them, and in this matter, the court found Apple’s right to obtain financial compensation, which is 30% of the revenue Epic collected from users of the Fortnite application on IOS between August and October 2020, which amounted to 12 One million and 167 thousand dollars (that is, you will pay approximately 3.6 million dollars).

In response to this news, Fortnite said that the game will return to the iOS Store when it can make in-app purchases available in a fair competitive environment with Apple’s own in-app system, but unfortunately has not specified when this will happen, so it seems that it is still upset about the topic.

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