Convert PDF to Images on Mac

You can convert PDF files to images via Mac without having to install any external applications or use any external websites.

Through a feature available within the systems, this feature allows you to convert pages one by one or convert the entire document to JPG images.

And you can choose the image format you want to convert to without using any external apps as well.

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Convert PDF to Images on Mac

Like we said, you can convert each individual page into an image, or convert the entire document into a set of images.

Each image contains one page of the document, but this method is more practical when converting a batch of documents.

Convert a single PDF page into an image

You can manually convert a single page by following these steps:

Head to your system’s Downloads folder, and choose the document you want to convert to an image.

Convert PDF to Images on Mac

Then right-click on it and choose Preview from the Open Via menu.

Convert PDF to Images on Mac

Then go to the page you want to convert to an image, and click on the file list from the top bar, and then choose Export Page.

After that, choose the name of the new document, where to save it, and the file format as you wish, and then choose the resolution from the same window and press Save at the bottom.

Then the app will start converting the page into an image using the format you’ve chosen and the quality you’ve chosen.

Convert an entire document into images

You can convert the entire document without opening it and convert each page by hand, through the Automator app for Mac.

So go to the application by searching for it in the system applications folder, and then from the list of files create a new rule.

Select the new rule to be of the Quick Jobs type, and then press the Confirm Selection button below.

Then check the Workflow Receives Current box to become PDF files, go to the left section of the screen and choose Jobs and then search for the next job Render PDF Pages as Images.

When you see the option to convert PDF files to images, drag this option and place it in the right pane under the previous box.

Then make the choices you want, such as file format and quality compared to the original document. Convert PDF to Images on Mac

Then look for an option called Move files to a new location, drag it and place it under the Convert images box, and choose where to save the files to be the desktop or wherever you want.Convert PDF to Images on Mac

Then save the new job and exit the automatic jobs app.

And when you put any PDF document on the desktop, you need to right click on the document, and select Quick Functions.

Now the new images are placed in front of you on the desktop after the system has converted the PDF files into images.

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