Control publisher admits that the upgrade options for the new generation weren’t the best

Control publisher 505 Games revealed in a new interview with She admitted that she made some not-so-best decisions regarding upgrading the game to the next generation.

As it is known that owning a regular copy of the game on home platforms is not enough to get a free upgrade to the new generation, but you have to buy the Ultimate Edition.

Commenting on this, the developer says that their decision initially seemed right to them at a time when the industry was not yet accustomed to the idea of ​​free upgrade, which in itself is an unprecedented idea in the industry widely.

However, the developer admits that these decisions about the upgrade options were not the best and constituted obstacles to the smooth activation of the free upgrade mechanism.

It does not seem that the developer will make adjustments to the way to upgrade the aforementioned game, but it seems to be careful to avoid following the same strategy with its other new games such as Ghostrunner and Assetto Corsa.

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