Control PowerPoint presentations with the new Samsung watch

The new Samsung watch came to use WearOS instead of Tizen, which Samsung has spent a long time developing.

This prompted the company to reintroduce some of its old applications in the Google Play Store for watches, in order to work with the new watch that you can download applications through.

Samsung is also trying to return some of the old features that were present by default in its old watches to the new watch.

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Control PowerPoint presentations with the new Samsung watch

Samsung has relaunched the PowerPoint Presentation Control app to the Google Play Store, so Galaxy Watch 4 users can download and use the app.

This application allows you to control presentations via your smartwatch.

This makes it extremely useful for those working in the field of presentations, as you don’t need to use an external controller.

You can install the application by going to To his official page on the Google Play Store, and install it on your watch.

Then go to the application on your watch and run it, and then the application asks you to connect the watch with the computer via Bluetooth.

So, head over to your computer and search for the watch in your Bluetooth devices and pair it with it.

Control PowerPoint presentations with the new Samsung watch

Then press the confirmation mark on your watch to confirm the connection between the watch and the computer and to be able to use the watch with it.

After that, you will see a set of options to control the presentations through the watch.

You can press the arrows on the screen to move between the slides of the presentation.

You can also press on the Touchpad selection at the bottom to control the mouse pointer via the watch.

You can also control the timing of the transition between presentation slides by clicking on the word Slideshow at the top.

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Features of Galaxy Watch 4 with WearOS

The Watch 4 is the first Samsung watch to run on WearOS from Google, and Samsung has improved the system and worked with Google to develop it.

Therefore, you can access a lot of Google applications and Google Play services through the new watch, unlike the old Samsung watches.

Google and Samsung have abandoned the old watches entirely, as they will not release the WearOS 3 update and it will remain exclusive to the new Samsung watches or the new Google Watches.

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