Control Android 12 Via Face Gestures

Google has added a new access feature in Android 12 that allows you to control the phone via your facial gestures.

This feature helps those who have trouble using their hands to control the phone, as these gestures work instead of holding the phone and controlling it.

The list of gestures supported by Android 12 includes quite a few gestures as well as simple and not complicated functions.

With new gestures, you can move to the other thing you can press or the previous piece.

You can also move the page up or down with these gestures as well.

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How to enable facial gestures in Android 12

Google calls the facial gestures to control Android 12 Camera Switches.

You can activate these gestures by following these steps:

On your phone, head to the Settings menu, then Accessibility Options, and then Switch Access.

Then activate its selection, and the system then asks you to choose an input method, either via the camera or a physical input method.

Then give the app access to the camera, take pictures, and record videos.

Then the system asks you if you want to use one or more gestures to control the phone.

And if you use a single gesture, you rely on the basic gesture to ask the phone to scan the screen and tell you how to handle it.

As for the multi gestures, it allows you to use more than one gesture to control the phone.

The application then begins to associate the various gestures with the functions that you can perform on the phone, such as moving from point to point or swiping the screen up or down and so on.

The phone’s gesture control feature is still under development, so you can expect problems or bugs while using it.

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System launch date

The launch date of Android 12 is very close, as Google has released the latest beta version of the system and made it available for Pixel phones.

Google said it is ready to release the final version of the system in the coming weeks.

This date coincides with Apple’s launch of the new version of iOS 15, which is expected to be released after September 14 at the end of the Apple conference.

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