Connecting a computer and a smartphone for greater productivity

Millions of users depend on the PC for their daily work. This is in light of their need to use the smartphone for some other work-related operations. They usually have trouble connecting the two devices seamlessly. Especially when it comes to responding to notifications or transferring files.

Most PCs come with a Windows operating system, while smartphones come with either Android or iOS. Many solutions and applications are available to increase the efficiency of working across both devices at the same time.

Owners of iPhones and Mac computers do not suffer from this problem. As their devices are linked by default thanks to the interconnectedness of iOS and macOS. However, this is not the case for owners of Windows computers and Android phones, or owners of Windows computers and iPhone phones.

Users need different levels of connectivity between their smartphone and PC. Therefore, in this article we talk about a number of proposed solutions, each of which provides a different set of advantages.

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Connecting a computer and a smartphone

1- Your Phone app

Your Phone is one of the best apps that connect your PC and smartphones. It is an application developed by Microsoft, so it is only available for the Windows operating system and is not available for macOS or Linux.

Your Phone has become one of the default applications in the Windows 10 operating system in the recent period, and Microsoft also supports it in Windows 11.

The Your Phone application provides a number of advantages regarding the connection between the Android smartphone and the Windows PC, which can be summarized in the following points:

  1. Synchronize SMS messages, view and reply to them from the computer
  2. Control basic phone settings such as turning on or off Bluetooth
  3. Browse the latest photos on the phone under the camera and screenshots folders
  4. Sync notifications and reply to notifications from communication apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger
  5. Make calls directly from your PC
  6. Run the applications of the phone via the computer via the screen mirroring feature (i.e. broadcasting its content)

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The user can download The application is available from the Google Play Store to start using it, while it is already available on Windows computers, but we recommend updating it before starting to use it by relying on the Microsoft App Store.

It is reported that some of the features of the Your Phone application are exclusive to smartphones from Samsung. However, its main features are available for all phones, knowing that it is considered one of the default system applications on Samsung phones as well.

2- Pushbullet App

Pushbullet is one of the standout apps in this regard. It is a free and open source application, but it is only available for the same systems, Windows and Android. As a side note, this app was available for iOS, but the developers have canceled this version in objection to Apple’s policies.

The application provides basic features for connecting the two devices, and you can start using it by downloading it on both your smartphone and PC Via the official website. Below is a summary of its features:

  1. Sync and reply to notifications
  2. Sync text messages
  3. Linking a large number of devices through the same account on the service unlike Your Phone
  4. Available as a browser add-on
  5. Supports encryption of the content of messages and notifications
  6. Allows access to files stored on the other device

The advantage of this system is that it supports a large number of devices. Where you can create an account on it and then install the application on dozens of devices and link them all. macOS users can use it via a browser extension.

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3- AirDroid app

AirDroid application provides an integrated user experience in terms of connecting smartphone and PC. It is distinguished from the previous options that it is available for iPhone and Mac computers as well. This allows the creation of an integrated environment between all devices.

The application provides the same options as the previous ones, in addition to providing more features regarding the Android system, such as controlling the camera and accessing it remotely, or finding the phone in case it is lost.

The steps for use remain the same, namely download The application on the desired devices from its official website, with creating an account and then entering it on all devices on which the user wishes to use the service.

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Below we share with you a summary of the application’s features:

  1. Sync and reply to notifications
  2. Sync and reply to text messages
  3. Linking a large number of devices through the same account
  4. Available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and via the browser version
  5. Allows access and control of all phone files professionally (on Android)
  6. And a large number of other features

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Other ways to connect your computer and smartphone

There are other alternative applications, including the Dell Mobile Connect application, which allows you to connect a smartphone to a PC. However, we didn’t talk about it earlier because it is exclusive to Dell computers only. While it supports Android and iPhone.

A large number of users rely on chat applications and cloud storage to transfer simple files between each platform and the other. For example, some people use the Saved Messages feature via Telegram to transfer photos and files between the computer and the smartphone.

Connecting a smartphone to a PC via traditional USB connections remains an excellent option for transferring files and folders between the two devices.

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