Comparison of game streaming platforms from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch

Users around the world are starting to get interested in watching game broadcasts. Where players conduct a live broadcast while playing, and thousands of people watch them from around the world, and the most prominent platforms that allow this feature are YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

The competition between the three platforms is burning, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, which made millions of users around the world lose their jobs. Which prompted some of them to broadcast the content of the games, or watch the broadcasts of others.

We share with you a comparison of the most important features of each of the three platforms, which are the platforms that express the leading technology companies, namely Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

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Twitch gaming platform

Twitch was founded as a sub-platform of, a general content streaming platform, while Twitch was its gaming branch. But over time was shut down with all effort directed to

The platform was a huge success, and a number of events and events were broadcast on Twitch. This prompted Google and Amazon to compete for the acquisition of that platform, and Amazon succeeded in the end.

The Twitch platform in general is very specialized in the field of games, in addition to having a group of the best content makers and broadcasting games at all, in addition to making more profit than YouTube for gamers.

Its disadvantage is the difficulty of the emergence and success of new players on it, in addition to the fact that no one can generate income from Twitch until he becomes a Partner within the platform, which is difficult.

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Facebook Game Broadcasting Platform

Facebook did not leave this active area for the acquisition of Google and Amazon, as it launched its own game streaming service Facebook Gaming to compete in this market.

The Facebook platform is not one of the big players, as the Twitch and YouTube platforms outperform it by huge differences. But what gives the Facebook platform its value is its relevance to the rest of the platform. As Facebook users can watch game broadcasts very easily within the main application or across the web.

The service is generally characterized by its link to the player’s Facebook account, which allows him to easily share his broadcast with friends and followers, in addition to the presence of Facebook’s chat within the game broadcast, and Facebook encouraged game content makers to come to the platform by announcing that it would not take a percentage of the profits until 2023.

Its disadvantage is that it is still new and takes a long time to grow, and its partner program related to making profits is not the best.

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Youtube gaming platform

YouTube should have a strong presence on this list, as it is the largest and largest video and video content platform.

The platform has launched a dedicated gaming section, andhe is Youtube Gaming, besides, some gaming content is still on the main YouTube platform.

The YouTube gaming platform is strongly linked to the main YouTube platform, and allows features such as playing a DVR during broadcast to reduce the time required for the broadcast to start reaching viewers. In addition, the platform allows quick access to an audience, especially if the player owns a separate YouTube channel and has an audience on it.

The platform provides the ability to broadcast with a resolution of up to 4K, unlike the previous two platforms. Besides, its disadvantages are very limited, and lies in the difficulty of audience building and rapid growth, in addition to the fact that the YouTube game broadcasting platform does not provide easy solutions for communication between viewers.

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