Clubhouse Expands Clips Access to All iOS Users

After launching a new Clips option in beta last week, which enables users to share 30-second audio clips from public rooms, sought The Clubhouse platform is the choice for all users via iOS, while also launching another new sharing feature, in the form of room links for redistribution outside the app.

The platform announced the launch of Clips last week, which provides a new scissors icon that, when clicked, gets the last 30 seconds of audio from a public room to share with a third party. Clubhouse is now expanding Clips’ access to all iOS users.

The option is still not available on Android yet. But Android broadcasters can enable clips to help share their broadcasts. In addition, the platform also adds QR codes via Shared Clips, which are linked to the live room.

The option helps raise awareness of the platform’s broadcasts. Awareness raising is currently a major problem for all audio social applications.

Twitter is still working on the Spaces tab to maximize awareness. Clubhouse is now trying to help users reach the 700,000 rooms streamed into the app every day, highlighting the discussions that are most relevant to them.

Clips helps in this regard by enabling users to let their followers across other platforms know about topical discussions that may be of interest.

In addition to clips, the platform has also added a new option to share a link to private rooms, providing a direct connection to chats. And you can click on Share Room Link, which you can then use to direct people outside the app to live chats.

“Many people have told it’s helpful to get and share the private room link,” the platform said. You can now share this link with friends, family, or anyone you might want to chat with on a regular basis.

Links provide an easy way to increase engagement in the app, with links being reused as well. This means that anyone who is invited can reactivate the room at any time to start a conversation.

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Clubhouse Adds New Room Link Sharing Option

With Facebook and Twitter now also offering audio social tools, Clubhouse isn’t the industry-leading platform it once was.

This means that the application must find different ways to facilitate voice interaction, complementing the tools available in larger applications.

The sheer size advantage of these platforms makes it difficult for Clubhouse to become a real competitor. But if it can focus on niche use, and maximize community participation, it can still become a major tool for many. This is similar to how Snapchat built its foundations, although it is much smaller than the competition.

There are good signs on this front, as usage remains high, particularly in growth regions like India, where the platform can serve a unique purpose.

It is still a favorite of many, and it still offers a lot of opportunities. And if it can keep adding new tools and functions like this one, it can maintain and grow its relevance.

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