Classic radar design with motion sensor will be back in Halo Infinite

Share with us developer 343 Industries Official post A new one, through which he revealed the modifications he will make in the game Halo Infinite after the end of its testing sessions and obtaining the opinions of the players.

One of the most prominent of these modifications is the redesign of the radar from the old parts of the series before the fifth part, where the developer indicated that the new radar, which he called the Combat Sensor, works in a different way from the previous one, so it is natural that it looks different for the players and the developer wanted to know their opinion of this new design before introducing The final version of the game.

343 Industries also detailed a ton of other feedback it's received.

He said that some players liked the new design, but most of the players wanted to re-design the old radar, so the developer listened to their wishes and worked on modifying it as required, and soon in a new test session the players will be able to try it.

In his long post, the developer talked about a lot of things that players have tested and highlighted more other mods that players have asked to change such as the sound of the Needler weapon they want more “crystalline” and they also want deeper control of in-game sounds like Spartan Chatter, Personal AI and even the voice of the commentator on matches Online.

The developer has also received criticism for the bots, which are said to be overly accurate when aiming with weapons and throwing grenades, and the transition between ODST and Spartan bots is inappropriate.

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