Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine join Fortnite in a new collaboration with Resident Evil

The exciting engagements between Fortnite and characters from other entertainment products continue and this time around, more is coming in collaboration with Capcom and the Resident Evil series.

In the latest deal, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine join the world of the famous game with their latest designs in the series.

has indicated The official Arabic publication Chris Redfield’s outfit comes with a Wolves Squad alternate style, based on his struggles in a snowy village, and Jill Valentine’s outfit comes with a Raccoon City alternate style, based on her desperate escape from a brutal stalker. Players have the option to purchase the Chris Redfield Outfit, Jell Valentine Outfit, Green Grass Backpack (includes alternate styles) and Snapback Backpacks in the STARS Team Pack and also have the option to purchase the Hot Knife Axe, Taser Axe, and Parachute Walking Dance in the STARS Team Gear Pack that includes the STARS Team Pack Well stay loading screen (by Rodrigo Lorenzo).

Players have even more cosmetic accessories like the Green Grass Back Bling (with the alternate Red and Blue Grass patterns) and take your typewriter with you with the Bumper Back Buff and display with a Hot Knife Axe (Umbrella has developed the Anti-Bioweapon Knife) and strike with what once belonged to Evil: Ax stun rod

You will find more details in the official Arabic offers.

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