Choose which apps are using iCloud space

iCloud helps Apple users who struggle with small storage space on their phones.

But the free space from iCloud is also small, as Apple gives you only 5 GB of free space, and this space is not enough to keep all the applications and files that you want to take a backup of.

So the free storage space in the service fills up quickly without you even realizing it, and the phone keeps telling you that the space is full.

You can free up some space in the service by deleting the photos and files you don’t want, but the space will fill up again.

So it is better to choose the applications that use the service space and prevent them from automatically syncing with the service.

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Steps to choose the apps synced with iCloud

First, go to your phone or iPad settings, and then tap on your profile picture to go to the service settings.

Under these settings, click on the service selection, then choose space management and then backup and click on your phone.

This window shows you all the applications that use the internal iCloud space to store content on them, whether this content is images or other data.

By clicking on Show More, you can access a larger list of applications that use iCloud space.

After that, search these applications and remove the check mark next to the name of the application to prevent it from using iCloud.

With this option, you can unsync photos and videos, as photos take up the most space on the service.

But if you unsync photos, you have to always backup them manually.

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Other iCloud Features

The iCloud service offers you a variety of features that make using Apple devices better.

Through the service, you can share different Apple devices and data across all the devices you use.

The service also offers a unique Find My network that helps you find all the devices connected to the same Apple account.

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