Check Mac computers for viruses

Mac computers are highly virus-resistant, and they don’t get infected with malicious files as easily as Windows machines.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible for them to be infected with malicious files, as malicious files evolve rapidly, so they can be infected with some types of malicious files.

You can install an application to fight malicious files and viruses, but before installing it you must make sure that your computer is healthy and not infected.

You can make sure that your computer is healthy by the following methods:

Clean downloaded files first

You should not keep files that you have downloaded online for a long time, especially if you downloaded them from an unreliable place.

Downloaded files often contain viruses and malicious files that consume your device’s resources and steal your data, so they must be deleted and then removed from the recycle bin.

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Check out Safari add-ons

Some malicious files install malicious add-ons in your Safari browser that can steal your data or mine using your computer.

So you should make sure that your browser is free of these malicious extensions and uninstall any extension that you did not install yourself.

You can check your Safari add-ons by following these steps:

Open the browser and click on the options by clicking on the Apple icon in the top bar.

After that, click on Add-ons, make sure that all the add-ons are trusted and install them yourself.

If you find an add-on that you have not installed, remove it directly by pressing the remove button under the add-on.

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Remove Unknown Apps from Mac System

Go to the Applications folder and then right-click on any application that you do not know, and then choose to remove the application or send it to the trash.

You can delete it later from the trash directly, but you should not keep it in the trash.

And you can use one of the apps like Clean My mac XIt is one of the best Mac cleaning apps.

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Check the files running at login

If your computer is infected with a virus or malicious file, this file runs when you log on to the computer, in order to make the most of your computer as possible.

Therefore, you can remove these files and prevent them from working when you turn on the computer by following these steps:

Click the Apple icon on the top bar of the screen, and then choose System Settings.

Then go to Users and Groups Settings, and click on your profile picture from the menu on the left.

Check Mac computers for viruses

Then click on Choose Login Files and check these files.

And if you find a strange file, you can click on the – sign at the bottom to delete that file.

Check Mac computers for viruses

And you can repeat this step with all the strange files that you don’t know.

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Use an antivirus

If you find your computer has been compromised by viruses, you need to use a reliable antivirus application to remove viruses.

There are a wide range of antivirus applications that you can use to protect your computer.

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