Change User Number in Facetime for iPhone

Facetime for iPhone is one of the best video chatting apps out there, because it works automatically in all your Apple devices.

With one Apple account on more than one device, you can access your Facetime history and talk to users through your main account.

Facetime also works with a very special video and audio transmission technology, so it has high quality in all your voice or video conversations.

You can add more than one phone number to be able to use your Facetime account, and you can also use the account via your email.

And that’s without adding any phone number in your Facetime data, so you can use the app with devices that you can’t add a SIM card to.

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Change user data and number in Facetime for iPhone

Through this method, you can assign specific numbers to each device or address to each Apple device you own, so that you do not find your MacBook at home ringing every time you get a work call.

You can do this by following these steps:

Head to the Settings app from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

After that, click on the Facetime selection to go to the application settings, and within its settings you will find a group of phone numbers and addresses.

In this window, you can choose the phone numbers that you want to appear on this device so that others can talk to them.

Where you can choose a number for each Apple device you own, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

In the same window, you can change the email addresses associated with that Facetime account.

This is so you can have callers reach you with one email account per work or home device.

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New Facetime Updates

Facetime is getting a bunch of new updates with iOS 15 this month.

These updates aim to make the application compete with video chatting and monthly meeting applications such as Zoom and other applications.

The background blur update is one of the most important updates to the app in iOS 15.

You can also share any content you see through the application with the other party of the conversation.

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