Change the automatic download location in Windows 11

Windows 11 automatically saves files you download to the Downloads folder.

This method also works for Windows 10, but bearing in mind the differences between the two systems.

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Change the automatic download location in Windows 11

The easiest way to change the location of automatic uploads is to use the move command with the uploads folder.

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You can use this command by following these steps:

Click the File Browser icon at the bottom of the taskbar to access it.

Then right-click on the Downloads folder and select Folder Settings.

Then go to the website tab from the tabs menu at the top and then click the Transfer button

Then, head to your browser to where you want to save your downloads and choose Select Folder.

Then the system asks you if you want to move all files and folders from the old download folder to the new one, but you should not move files from the old folder unless you are sure that the files are compatible and are not needed in any other application.

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This method works with Windows 10 and Windows 11 as well, as we said earlier.

Distribution of files by type

The method we mentioned above helps you move the Downloads folder from one location to another.

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But the folder still contains all the files you upload together, without separating them or distributing them by type.

You can use the Download Manager app or the Google Chrome Download Manager to distribute the files as you wish.

It’s best to use a separate download manager app if you’re uploading a lot of files to your device.

The Download Manager application can manage your downloads and distribute files as you wish without any intervention from you.

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