change display name in roblox

ROBLOX has one of the largest online community of players at the moment, because it provides a community suitable for all different ages.

The game is also suitable for everyone, as you can build any game you want within it or participate in games that other users have built.

Although the player community in ROBLOX is large, each player has its own look and is unique from the others.

Display name helps you customize this look better, as your display name is visible to all users around you.

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change display name in roblox

The principle of the display name is different from the user name of Roblox, where you choose the username in Roblox when you set up your account for the first time.

After that, you can only change the username by paying the coins to the platform and choosing a new name.

Your ROBLOX username also begins with the @ symbol, which stands for your character’s in-game address, and helps other users reach you.

But you can change the display name easily and without the need to pay any in-game coins, and the username can be repeated between more than one player.

In Roblox, the display name appears in various places within the game, and you always see it hovering over your head in the game.

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You can create or change the display name by following these steps:

Go to your account page, and then go to your account information page.

Then click on the edit button next to the display name field, above your username.

After that, enter your new display name, and then press Save to be saved and confirmed within the game.

You can only change the display name once every seven days, so you must be satisfied with it before adopting it and saving it in-game.

There are some requirements for the use and writing of the display name, including:

  • Display name must be between 3 and 20 characters long.
  • You can use letters, numbers, and a symbol – only without the rest of the symbols.
  • Your display name cannot be the same as the username for large accounts in the game.
  • The display name must exceed the community standards for the game.

The game’s Community Standards require that the display name not be offensive or offensive, and must not indicate any obscenity in it.

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