Bungie studio begins hiring to turn popular Destiny title into TV series, movies, and more

Since the launch of Destiny in its first part in 2014, the game has been able to gain great attention by many, and the game has been able to achieve great success year after year, after the endless support of Bungie Studio for the game, both in its first part until its second part, which continues to support until now. Which made the American development team Bungie want to take advantage of this successful brand and expand its world further and beyond the scope of video games.

Where the studio is looking for a new CEO who will have to take the Destiny story outside the framework of video games and present it to television or even cinema screens, and more.

according to Job application on BungieAs I mentioned, the developer is looking for a senior CEO and the successful candidate will lead projects that expand the Destiny franchise into new categories including television, movies, books, comics, and audio formats.

In its statement, the studio stated that the role of the new CEO is to identify, select, direct, collaborate and even provide feedback to outside companies in order to enable the telling of the story of the Destiny universe and their legends, which delight their fans and capture the hearts and minds of many of their fans.

The studio indicated that the new director would need to have experience and participated in several television and film works, with experience in animation work, and that the studio is preparing to grant additional credit to the appropriate candidate who has experience in converting and publishing fiction and comics.

Although Bungie hasn’t confirmed any details regarding Destiny’s potential expansion as a TV series, the listing says the series will be turned into an animated series rather than a reality show.

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