Bosch presents FreshUp to remove unpleasant smells from clothes

Introduced by the German multinational company Bosch, which manufactures almost everything FreshUpIt is a hand-held electronic device designed to restore your clothes without having to wash them in the washing machine.

And you can pass FreshUp over your clothes, even while you’re wearing it, to eliminate odors. It uses plasmas that circulate freely in negatively and positively charged particles.

And when the device, which is charged like a phone, is turned on and passed over the fabric, it disperses an invisible gas cloud of these plasma particles.

The company says the device has been calibrated to use the right amount of energy to remove odors without harming the fabric.

The idea is to remove odors from clothes that are otherwise clean, meaning they aren’t visibly stained.

The FreshUp is a 6.5-inch rhombus shaped device, with a 2-inch processing area on its underside.

Once charged and turned on, you press the clothes to dry until the odor dissolving process begins. The device acts as an ionizer, creating a plasma that Bosch says dissolves the bonds between scent molecules.

The device on the top has a design that resembles an interlocking series of magnetic field lines. This design is lit from the back in white, and turns purple when it ionizes your clothes.

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Bosch presents FreshUp to remove unpleasant odors from clothes

It takes about four hours to charge the battery and gives you an hour of processing before you need to go back to the wire. And the company chose a micro USB port for charging instead of USB-C.

And once you’ve treated the garment with FreshUp, you are well aware of the ionization in the air. It gives off an odor similar to the taste you get in your mouth when you bite your tongue.

The company says FreshUp has been designed to break what it describes as the habit of putting clothes that were worn but not too dirty to be worn again apart from other clothes to distinguish them.

After treatment, Bosch adds, even strong odors such as cigarette smoke and body odor are removed, and clothes become as if they were hung outside to dry.

The FreshUp, which costs $342, is ideal for travel. But don’t expect the results to be as good as washing clothes in a washing machine.

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