BMW thinks of sustainable cars

offered BMW will unveil its i Vision Circular concept car as a 100 percent recyclable electric small car for the year 2040 at the 2021 IAA Motor Show in Munich.

This hatchback is a testament to the company’s goals to develop sustainable yet luxurious vehicles. The four-seater concept car is about 157 inches long.

However, the electric powertrain and single-box profile mean that the i Vision Circular is spacious inside.

The main priority is to reduce the number of components overall and to use recycled materials for the remaining parts.

As a result, this vehicle is now 100 percent recyclable, including the battery which is made almost entirely from recycled materials.

The car incorporates the company’s sustainability philosophy, as it eschews bolt-on and composite materials to build the vehicle, instead opting for ropes, push-buttons and quick-release fasteners, making it easier to disassemble and recycle.

i Vision Circular abandons the idea of ​​a painted bodywork, and instead, the body panels are made from recycled anodized aluminum, and the fenders are made from recycled plastic.

Instead of having chrome around the edges of the windows, the digital surface wraps and overlaps the Hofmeister kink, which the company says can be used to display vehicle information to approaching occupants.

Vehicle decals and emblems are also laser engraved or engraved rather than physical pieces that must be attached.

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BMW thinks of sustainable cars

The grille becomes a digital element that attempts to emulate the company’s traditional grilles and also serves as headlights. The company says the tires are made from sustainably grown natural rubber.

The interior features muted colours, with the floors and door panels in a light mint green, and the seats are upholstered in a recycled lilac fabric.

The glass roof creates a well-ventilated cabin. The front seats are supposed to look like lounge chairs, while the back gets a seat.

Instead of a dashboard, the dashboard features a 3D-printed crystal sculpture that uses lighting to simulate the car’s thinking.

The company says this is where the car’s thinking is visualized allowing the user to see its intelligence in action.

Driver information is shown in a head-up display along the entire width of the windshield. The steering wheel is also 3D-printed.

In addition, it features two touchpads with the same crystal appearance that are mounted on the steering wheel. BMW says the rear seats each have a dedicated sound zone that allows passengers to listen to their own music.

The company explains that this approach helps increase the amount of recycled and reused materials in its cars from 30 to 50 percent.

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