Black Friday offers 2021 from the winner Amazon Umm Noon and its partners

In the recent period, we have all seen how the Arab world received the news of “Amazon Stay Market” and how it caused a great media sensation, which aroused the thinking of many shop owners, whether electronic or otherwise, in terms of the strength of the influence of this brand, which is the second in the world in the global market, and its ability to acquire On the online market, especially in the upcoming Black Friday offers.

That is why we will explain to you in our next conversation how the competition is between Amazon and other stores such as Noon and others.

Can one of these stores win the case, and how can shopaholics take advantage of the competition as much as possible?


Amazon or as it is called “the shopping giant” is one of the most famous electronic stores that offer various products that are useful in daily life.

The Amazon store was launched in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, and in 1995 the company’s website was launched on the Internet.

The name Amazon was chosen after the Amazon River, the largest in the world, due to Jeff’s desire to develop his store to reach the largest online store in the world.

He has already achieved his dream of becoming the largest online store with the second most powerful global brand.

And Amazon began his success when he specialized in the field of books, as reading books at that time was the best way to learn.

The site continued its success despite the difficulties it faced, but it quickly took control of them, and established its presence in the world of e-commerce.

And in the year 2000, the Amazon logo appeared, which shows you how big Amazon is in terms of the products inside.

The logo contains an arrow in the form of a smile that extends from the letter “alif” to the letter “ya”, meaning that it includes all products from A to Z, so you find it the first destination for shopaholics in the world.

Where is Amazon?

Amazon was not limited to its distinction in the Western world, but also headed its journey to the Arab world when it acquired

He began his journey in the Arab world to deliver orders to all users in the Arab countries, and Amazon appeared in the UAE first.

And that was before Amazon Saudi Arabia launched about two years ago, and Amazon Egypt launched recently about two months ago.

Amazon Arabic combines the expertise of with the unique retail experience of the global Amazon.

You will find that the site contains 30 million local and international products, and 5 million products from the American Amazon.

Amazon in the Arab region provides distinctive and easy payment methods, including cash on delivery, in addition to distinctive shipping services.

Amazon products

The store offers a lot of international and local products, so they are divided inside the store so that you can choose what suits you and are explained as follows:

  • Mobile devices, tablets and their accessories, in addition to smart watches
  • Computers and all office supplies, laptops, and computer accessories such as mouse, keyboard, and others
  • Electronic devices such as “TV – headphones – loudspeaker – theater systems – electronic accessories”
  • Women’s fashion – men’s fashion – children’s fashion
  • Perfumes and beauty It includes all beauty products, perfumes, and personal care for both men and women
  • “Supermarkets – household and kitchen utensils – children’s toys – sports and car accessories”

And you find all these products available on Amazon from international and local brands, which makes you think of nothing but find it.

With this, we got to know the Amazon shopping giant, and now it’s time to get to know its strongest competitor in the Arab world.

Noon, all its stores, and the famous businessman, Mohamed Al-Abbar, are considered Amazon’s strongest competitors in the Arab region.

The number of its users has reached 4 million daily, and Mohamed Al-Abbar has confirmed in an interview that they intend to control the largest share of e-commerce in the Arab world.

noon shop

Noon Store is one of the most important Arab stores that was launched in 2016 with the support of the UAE Investment Fund, and the value of the investments amounted to one million US dollars.

The company started its activity in the United Arab Emirates, but soon expanded and its products reached the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Noon decided to launch inside Egypt in 2019, and Noon Egypt was established in September 2019.

It was able to achieve great success by being able to provide products at competitive prices, in addition to convenient payment services and shipping to all regions.

noon store products

Noon store offers many products, where you can get all electronic devices and various other products.

The products in Noon include “phones, tablets, laptops, laptops, cameras, televisions, headphones, and video games.”

There are also women’s fashion, children’s and men’s fashion, watches, jewelry, women’s bags, and men’s eyewear.

In addition to some kitchen and home supplies, furniture, garden supplies, beauty products and perfumes, personal care for men and women, children’s supplies, and the supermarket.

The most famous Noon brands

Noon includes many local and international brands, and we can show you the most famous brands available, as follows:

“Mothercare, Apple, Nike, Samsung, Tefal, L’Oreal, Skechers, Salsal, Sony, Dell, HP, Canon.”

In addition to “Huawei – Calvin Klein – Adidas – Puma – Casio – Bosch – Xiaomi – Reebok – Baby Joy – Pampers – Kenwood”.

How to deliver noon products

Noon store offers a shipping and delivery service for its products to many Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt.

It can be delivered to them within 24 hours only, and it can be delivered the next day, using the express shipping service.

Thus, we have read a lot about the Noon store, but now you are wondering what are the online stores affiliated with Noon?

Everyone knows that the Noon store is owned by the famous businessman Mohamed Al-Abbar, and he has some other electronic stores in which he owns a part, which are “Now Now – All”.

But are there really online stores affiliated with Noon that we do not know anything about?

In fact, there are two famous online stores in the Arab world affiliated with Noon, and these stores are “Sify Store – Namshi Store”.

Many people want to get their products, because they are distinguished in the field of fashion and modern fashion, and you can confirm this by searching for the ownership of these stores.

After getting a lot of information about these stores and knowing how strong both are, how can you as a customer take advantage of this competition as much as possible?

Take advantage of Black Friday offers 2021

If you love shopping, you are in the right place and time, where you can get all the products you want at the best price.

The correct time is Black Friday or White Friday as some know it, which falls this year on November 27, 2021.

And all online stores provide special offers and discounts that may reach 90% on products, and some stores have already started discounts and discounts

For this, you must start choosing your products from the appropriate store for you, see their prices, and put them in the shopping bag.

And then leave the purchase process until the time for the Black Friday sale that can reduce the price to you by more than 50%.

But you must make sure that the price is low and that there is a real offer, by choosing the products before the offer and then completing the purchase after the offer and verifying the discount.

Perhaps the strongest stores that compete in achieving the largest discount are “Amazon-Noon and its affiliated stores”, so start following up on prices and offers on them from now.

And choose the right product for you at the best price from one of the previous stores, and the Black Friday offers 2021 are not limited to Noon and Amazon only.

There are other online stores that offer special offers and discounts that you can shop from, such as “Farfetch – High Baby Website – Riva Fashion” and many other stores.

Is there another way to get an extra discount on Black Friday deals?

Indeed, there are many means that enable you to obtain special discounts, perhaps the most famous of them.”discount coupons” which allows you to get a discount of up to 30% in addition to the basic discount found within the store.

Where can I get discount coupons?

Discount codes you can get from many places such as social media celebrities, and some sites for discount codes such as:

My online shop

The site is My online shop One of the most famous sites for discount codes, as it allows you to get discount codes for Arab and international stores.

And you can get it in an easy way, by entering the site, and typing the name of the code in the search box such as “Riva discount code.

It shows you the code directly, and then copy it and use it when shopping to get the appropriate discount for this code you used.

Save cash site

Waffer Cash is one of the sites for discount codes, and this site is characterized by the presence of discount codes for specific products, and specific sections within the store.

How is the discount code activated within the online store?

You can activate the code by following these steps:

  • Choose the right products for you and put them in the shopping bag
  • After you are done, click on the shopping bag, and check the products inside
  • And then put the discount code in its place, then click Activate
  • Click “Proceed to Purchase”

Thus, you have successfully completed your purchase from the appropriate online store for you, at the best possible price, but do not forget to choose your products from one of the strong stores in the upcoming Black Friday offers “Amazon-Noon”.

After reviewing all the previous information, it becomes clear to us that you, as a customer, are the main factor in determining the winner in this competition. Who will you choose Amazon Global, or Noon Al Arabi and its partners?

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