Best Windows 10 apps to focus on work

The Windows 10 apps we mention today help you focus on your work and stop wasting time.

Many people around the world are working with computers on an ongoing basis, and their number has increased a lot after the Covid-19 crisis, which caused an increase in remote work rates.

And you may lose your focus when working from home or via the computer because of many things that may distract your focus and make you unable to focus at work.

That’s why apps that help you focus become important, increasing your productivity and making working on the computer easier.

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FocalFilter App

This app works with a very simple idea, it blocks all the websites that can waste your time.

You enter a list of websites into the app when you start using it, and the app blocks them across all your installed browsers.

So you will not be able to escape from its grip if you change the browser, and it has an easy user interface.

The interface allows you to enter the sites you want to block, as well as how long you want to block them.

You will only be able to break the censorship of this application by restarting the computer or removing the application completely.

You can download the application for free via this link.

Focus Booster App

This application helps you to manage the various tasks you have and give each task the necessary time so that you can manage them appropriately.

where you are allowed Focus Booster Create a timer and give this timer its own name to represent the task you are doing.

When you finish the task for the timer you close it, and then start a new task with a new timer.

The application produces an Excel file that displays all the tasks you have done along with the number of hours you have spent on that task.

The free version of the app allows you to create 20 timers during the month, after which you need to purchase the paid version.

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Write Monkey

This application helps you if you are working in a job that requires typing continuously and for long periods.

The app takes over your entire screen, so you can work on typing quickly and focus on it fully.

The application shows you all the statistics you want to know about your writing in terms of the number of words and letters and various other statistics.

You can also set a timer for each task you are working on so that it does not consume you more time than necessary You can download the application for free via this link.

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