Best First Person Shooter Games For PC

The rating of first-person games is one of the most popular games of all time, especially for the PC platform. These games are called by this name because the player sees the viewer through the eyes of the character he is playing with.

This is in contrast to third-person perspective games, in which the player’s character appears within the game scenes. First-person games have been around for more than twenty years.

In most cases, games of this classification are based on shooting and shooting. Other times it depends on stealth or simulation. Below we present to you a group of the most prominent games of this category.

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First person perspective games for PC

The Doom game series is the leader in this category. Therefore, the first releases of FPS games were known as Doom-like games. It is called “dome-like”.

1 – Titanfall 2

One of the notable games in this category is Tianfall 2, which was launched in 2016. This game is developed by Respawn studio and published by EA. Which Available On the Origin Games Store.

The game offers a distinct story, besides offering an excellent online cooperative gameplay, while it includes some elements from platform games and puzzle games.

2 – Prey . Game

Prey was revived in 2017, after the series had been untapped for a long time. But what distinguishes this revival, known as Reboot, is that it was done by Arkane, the developer of the well-known Dishonored games.

The game is also available on Steam Play Store. It offers a unique gaming experience with a number of realistic elements and the gameplay modes are highly customizable.

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3 – First Person Shooter Games: Metro

The Metro series is one of the most prominent first-person shooter games that rely on action and shooting elements. The latest release of this series was the game Metro Exodus, which was launched in 2019, and was developed by 4A Games studio.

Metro games are generally available on Epic Games and Steam. It is recommended to try it. It also takes place at the end of the world in Moscow after the spread of a deadly virus that forces players to live underground, and that is why it bears this name.

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4 – BioShock . Game

The BioShock series was launched in 2007 and is, without a doubt, one of the most notable first-person games of all time. Especially for its great story and beautiful graphics.

On the other hand, the story and ideas presented by the game have raised a lot of controversy, but it remains excellent and attractive. The game is available in many versions, but the first version is still worth a try and offers satisfactory graphics.

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5 – Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order was launched in 2014 by development studio MachineGames. The game was a huge hit and that was the case for the rest of the series.

The game offers an action-based experience with many shooting elements, with great attention to graphics from the developer studio.

6 – First Person Games: Doom Eternal

There is no doubt that the Doom series of games has added a lot to the gaming world. And its latest release was Doom Eternal for 2020, which is undoubtedly worth a try, but it needs high PC specifications.

The game offers many features and capabilities for the characters that the player plays, such as fast movement, control of health and armor levels, and so on. It is available at a store Steam is just like the other games on this list.

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