Best App Store Apps This Week

The App Store for iPhone is characterized by containing a lot of diverse applications in various fields, and these applications provide users with new functions to enjoy their phones better.

Today, we have chosen for you a group of the best different App Store applications for you to enjoy.

Chroma . app

Like an adult coloring book, Chroma has a set of cut-out drawings for you to fill with color.

It also has a large selection of different brushes and colors that you can use to get different results.

You can import your own drawings and insert them into the application to be able to color in it, and you can also communicate with the original painters of these drawings.

The application does not come for free, and it offers relatively little free content, so you need to subscribe to it to enjoy all its details, and you can Download the application via this link.

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Magicplan home renovation app

The home improvement process is a bit of a hassle and hassle that you need to plan well.

Especially if you are renovating more than one room or part of the house together, and this application helps you plan the renovation process well by entering and modifying room and house drawings.

The application is easy to use and you do not need to be a professional or need other professional applications to deal with it.

You can download the plans you prepare in PDF, JPG, or any other format you wish.

You can download the application via Link from the App Store hereYou can download and use it for free, but you need to pay when uploading graphics.

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Debit & Credit App

This application helps you manage your money, purchases and shopping that you make on a daily basis.

Through this application, you can create a record of your credit and prepaid cards, and record everything that is done on them so that you can review them later.

You can also plan for future payments directly through the application, and you do not need to link your bank account with the application.

You can download and use the application completely for free without any hidden fees, and you can Download it via the following link.

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