Best Android Apps to Manage Text Messages

You can use third-party Android apps to replace all the apps built inside your phone, so you can replace the official calling or messaging app that came with the phone.

There are a handful of open source apps that can replace the official Android text messaging app.

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Application signal

Signal is considered one of the most popular social networking applications in recent times, because it offers better privacy and security features than others.

The application also provides a platform for social networking and free quick messages over the Internet, replacing the WhatsApp application, for example.

The Signal application allows you to manage the text messages that you receive on your phone over the usual network, and you can take advantage of most of the features of the application with the usual text messages.

You can download and use the Signal app for free, but the use of SMS text messages through it is at a cost determined by your service provider.

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Application QKSMS

The application offers an easy user interface, which you can use without any previous experience or experience.

The application maintains the privacy of users and messages that reach you, and does not include any ads or hidden features that force you to pay money to use it.

The application allows you to keep track of all the messages that you send to make sure that they reach the recipient.

You can also back up all your messages to the app’s servers so you can keep them safe in case you lose your phone.

The application can schedule messages to reach users at a time of your choosing, a feature that is particularly useful for businessmen.

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This application has its own complete social networking platform, so you can make voice calls and video calls through this application.

The application also encrypts your messages between the two parties, so that no third party can see them.

The application does not require you to use any phone number or email to register with it, but you need the phone number to use the SMS feature inside it.

The application also includes a self-destructing text messaging feature, through which you can send a text message to a group of users together.

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This application is fully compatible with the integrated Google system, as the application allows you to send email and write text messages with your voice through the Google Voice service.

You can also send recorded audio clips or images via text messages that you send.

You can download and use the application for free on any Android phone.

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