BBalance.. The world’s first smart health and weight monitoring bath mat

Technological development is beginning to arrive at all the gadgets that were never so clever. This is where alarms, clocks, and even door locks have become smart and able to provide greater benefit to users. Complementing this development is BBalance, a smart bath mat that helps monitor health.

This rug was developed by a French startup as a unique innovation that takes advantage of a tool found in every home, the rug in front of the bathroom door.

The BBalance smart bathroom rug is designed by Baracoda Daily Healthtech. It is able to recognize a “footprint”. As the rug recognizes the user standing on it. Accordingly, it is suitable for all family members, with the data of each individual separated from the other.

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This rug makes a distinctive addition to smart home products. The user experience is simple and requires no user interaction. This is because the rug turns on automatically as soon as the user gets out of the shower and stands on top of it to dry their feet.

The BBalance mat offers support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies and is able to connect to a dedicated app available for Android and iOS phones, and through this application all the measurements made by the rug can be tracked.

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Smart bath mat for health and weight monitoring

The BBalance Smart Mat can measure weight, body composition and general health indicators, as well as posture and posture. The rug also calculates a larger amount of specialized data.

As for the footprint recognition system, it works based on artificial intelligence techniques to identify the person, and the rug suggests to the user exercises related to the shape and body of the body. This is based on 4,000 points to measure the pressure sensitivity while the user is standing above it.

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The rug comes in different colors, as it is available in black, blue, pink, and white. Its application also provides two modes for browsing the data, the first mode is the simple mode, which displays simple data that is easy to understand, and the second mode is the data mode, which displays all the data measured by the rug.

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Price and availability

The company is currently working on raising the necessary funding through campaign on the Kikstarter platform. However, the unique idea of ​​the product helped her raise an amount of $37,000 in a short period of time.

If you book the product starting now, it will cost $229, while it will be available later at its full price of $399. The company will start making the product available in April 2022.

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