Bayonetta 3 may not feature Helena Taylor as Bayonetta

The past few years have been frustrating for Bayonetta fans, even with the announcement of Bayonetta 3 but the PlatinumGames development team didn’t share much about the game and show up every now and then to assure everyone that the game’s development process is going well. Despite the developer’s statements that it is going well, there will be one very important change.

Actress Helena Taylor, who has embodied Bayonetta’s character throughout the previous series, responded to a fan who said that the character of Bayonetta cannot be imagined without Helena’s distinctive voice, to which Helena replied that she could imagine it. This indicates that Helena Taylor will not continue to perform Bayonetta’s voice during the third season of the Bayonetta series.

Although many marveled at her response and wanted a clear comment, she indicated that she is bound by nondisclosure agreements, so she is not free to say exactly what that means.

Helena’s voice has been instrumental in the success of Bayonetta and the popularity of the series and character alike, so hopefully she’s pointing to something else and reprising her role in Bayonetta 3.

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