Bayonetta 3 developers are very proud of their game and confirmed that it will be coming soon

Since the announcement of Bayonetta 3 during The Game Awards 2017, the game continues to be absent from the spotlight and the game developers appear from time to time to assure us that the game is still under development, and that there is no truth to what is rumored about canceling the game development process and that it is inevitably coming to the owners of the Nintendo Switch platform, And now PlatinumGames is back in action.

As the studio stated during Their conversation with VGC They are eagerly awaiting the release of their game to the public, but the final decision rests with Nintendo, and senior officials inside the studio added that it is likely that we will get a new demo of the game before the 2021 holiday season.

The developer also expressed that they are very proud of what they have presented to the game so far, and that they are very excited about the day when the game will arrive, and that they want the fans to cheer for them after they presented it with Bayonetta 3.

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