Battlefield Hardline developer thinks it didn’t work because of her offbeat idea of ​​what’s in the series

Scott Warner was responsible for the development of Battlefield Hardline and recently told NME For his thoughts on the game’s failure to reach the expected success.

In his opinion, the main reason is that it is very different, as it seemed to players different enough to become deviant from the essence of the series, and there are certain expectations that the player builds in his head about any title from Battlefield, and most of these expectations will be what he used to experience or expect to obtain from wide wars, as he put it. The developer or at least conflicts between military units.

Battlefield Hardline developer thinks it didn't work because of her offbeat idea of ​​what's in the series

Warner says that moving the player from this vast virtual environment to another environment completely different from police and crime battles was not easy at all and it was very difficult to find a way to make the two ideas linked together and an extension of each other in one chain.

Battlefield Hardline was released in 2015 by Visceral Games rather than the usual series developer EA DICE.

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