Battlefield 2042 will not have any new delays

In just two days, the beta version of the awaited multiplayer shooter Battlefield 2042 will be launched, which will be available to pre-orders on October 6-7, while the beta will be available for all players on the 8th and 9th of the same month. With the beta approaching and the game being postponed in the past “after it was coming to us this month” players began to worry about the possibility of delaying the game again if the beta did not appear well, but according to the leaker “Tom Henderson”, the game will not be subject to any new delays.

Where “Tom” commented on a Reddit post, which mentioned the possibility of delaying Battlefield 2042 to March 2022, and indicated that this is not true at all, and that everyone who spoke to “Tom” within EA confirmed that the game will be released on November 19. , regardless of the game’s beta, and that the development team DICE is fully confident that the game is ready for launch, and that it will not be subject to any further delay.

But as such, Tom expected that if anything in the game was postponed, it would be the Hazard Zone phase and not the entire game, and this is because Hazard Zone has not received any details other than describing it as a new and modern gaming experience that will offer diversity from the rest of the game phases.

Battlefield 2042 is now officially out on November 19, 2021 across home consoles and PC.

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