Battlefield 2042 started as a Battle Royale game

The beta version of Battlefield 2042, which witnessed widespread criticism over the past few days, has ended, whether in terms of technical problems that appeared in the game or even ideas that many fans of the old Battlefield parts did not like, and no one knew the reasons that led to the emergence of the game Like this, but here is the leaker Tom Henderson” confirms one of the rumors related to the game and that it started as a Battle Royale game, which explains a little what we saw during the beta.

Tom said on his Twitter account that the theory and rumor that Battlefield 2042 started in the process of developing it as a Battle Royale game was correct, although he is not sure how far the game has developed before DICE studio thought of presenting it in its old form, but the game She drew a lot from Call of Duty, and Apex Legeds was another big inspiration.

Given the numbers of players reaching 128, abilities like hooks and each specialist having their own background, these small details confirm the rumors.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 2042 is still on its way on November 19, and will be available across Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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