Battlefield 2042 Standard Edition on New Generation Devices Provides Old Generation Versions

Earlier, as happened with the game FIFA 22, EA had announced that whoever will purchase the Gold Edition of Battlefield 2042, will be able to experience the game across both old and new generation devices, and the value of this copy is $99.99, which annoyed many From players, especially since the gold version is very expensive, but here is the company retracting a few, albeit slightly.

Today, EA announced that players who purchase the $70 standard “regular” version of Battlefield 2042 on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles will be able to get the older generation version as well. That is, if you are a PS4 and Xbox One owner and want to get copies of both generations, you will have to buy the standard version for the new generation devices and get it upgraded immediately after you purchase the Xbox Series or PS5 platforms. This means that upgrading between both versions will only cost players $10.

It is reported that Battlefield 2042 will get a beta for pre-orders that will launch tomorrow, while it will be available to all players on October 8, in preparation for the official launch of the game on November 19 across home devices and PC.

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