Bandai Namco Officially Announces Its New Logo

The Japanese publishing company, Bandai Namco, announced during the TGS 2021 event in an official statement, the change of its logo, which became just a company name surrounded by a pink rectangle, instead of the old logo as you see below.

The Japanese publishing company has added a new logo during the next stage and that it will add fun in all its future projects, and that the company aims to share dreams, fun and inspiration with people from all over the world. Meanwhile, the logo is meant to express the brand’s ability to connect with people around the world and inspire them with amazing ideas.

Bandai Namco President and Representative Director Masaru Kawaguchi says:

With the start of our next Medium Term Plan in April 2022, our new goal will be the ultimate definition of who we are, and the new logo was developed based on internal and external surveys and discussions among employees from around the world, whose opinions, ideas and inspirations have guided us. And that the main purpose of the company is to bring fun and fun to people everywhere, put smiles on their faces and help them achieve happiness, that is the reason for Bandai Namco’s existence.

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