Bake Off judge Dame Prue Leith felt ‘vulnerable’ when Remainer internet trolls attacked her

Bake Off judge Dame Pro Leith said she had no regrets about voting for Brexit, despite being targeted by online trolls.

The TV star revealed that she felt “helpless” when she was attacked for her views – but still believes that leaving the EU “in the long run is a good thing”.

Recalling the criticism she received at the time of the 2016 referendum, she said: “To be trolled is very appalling because you are so weak. Everyone says this but it is true. You cannot go back and argue your case.

I have been advised – and I believe correctly – to do nothing, not to give him oxygen, all you will do is reignite the people who hate you. So I did nothing, and I went. It didn’t last long, and it didn’t bother me for long.

She also told BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs today that while she remains supportive of Brexit, some of the problems she has created – such as a shortage of migrant workers for the hospitality sector – could have been addressed soon.

Bake Off judge Dame Pro Leith said she had no regrets about voting for Brexit, despite being targeted by online trolls.

I didn’t actually regret it [voting for Brexit] Because I still think it’s a good thing in the long run,”

But I voted because I thought we should make our own decisions. And the only things I’ve been disappointed with – and they are disappointing – is that I obviously think we weren’t fast enough to realize how hard it is to get staff.

“I think we should let people in if we need them to trade.”

The 81-year-old has been supportive of The Mail on Sunday campaign to prevent the UK from being dumped with shoddy food in the wake of post-Brexit trade deals.

“The other thing I’m still concerned about is that I think we have very good food standards in this country, and I’ve always thought we shouldn’t be allowed to make a deal that breaks our own rules,” she says.

Bro, who moved to London from South Africa in 1960 and opened her first Michelin-starred restaurant in London nine years later, won a new generation of fans when she replaced Mary Berry at The Great British Bake Off in 2017.

During the tasting, she’s often commented on whether it’s “worth the calories” but says she’s reconsidering the statement following concerns by eating disorder experts.

“It’s just an expression of how much I love something — ‘that’s worth every calorie,’ I’d say, ‘Yum,'” she told host Lauren Laverne. I think Beat, they’re a charity trying to tackle eating disorders, and they say I shouldn’t say that because people People with an eating disorder feel guilty, feel sad, so they eat more. So maybe I’ll stop saying that.

The TV star revealed that she felt

The TV star revealed she felt ‘helpless’ when she was attacked for her views – but she still thinks that leaving the EU ‘in the long run is a good thing’

She also revealed that she lost no time in consulting Mrs. Mary when she was offered the job Bake Off.

I asked her what [fellow judge] Paul was Hollywood like, you remember. She said, “It’s fine.” …you have to stick to yourself because it’s so obvious.

In 2017, Prue sparked controversy when she mistakenly tweeted her congratulations to winner Sophie Faldo before the final show of that series being shown. She was vacationing in Bhutan at the time and misunderstood the time difference.

The tweet was removed after only 89 seconds, but it was too late to stop it from spreading.

While she was “deeply appalled” about the fatal mistake, she revealed that she received a congratulatory call from the Bhutanese prime minister because her gaffes put the country “on the map”.

Speaking candidly about her 13-year relationship with her future husband Ryan Kreuger while he was still married to Nan, one of her mother’s best friends, she said: ‘No one knew about our relationship, so I was still a great friend to all of his family and indeed his wife who adored her.

Although this was quite disingenuous, I couldn’t get away from it more than flying to the moon. I totally loved him.

After Ryan’s divorce, Prue carried her son Danny Krueger, who is now a Conservative MP.

“I wanted a baby so badly, and I got pregnant, so Nan told us we fell in love and were going to have a baby, which is terrifying for her of course because she had no idea of ​​course,’ she says.

“What we didn’t tell her is that we’ve been in love for 13 years…I’m not at all proud of the fact that I’ve been an adulteress all that time.”

  • The Desert Island discs air on BBC Radio 4 today at 11am and will repeat at 9am on Friday.

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