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If you ask someone who is your favorite cooperative zombie game, they will tell you without a second thought Left 4 Dead in its first and second parts, this series gave us one of the most unforgettable cooperative experiences ever, even as I write these words now, I remember the long hours that I spent it with her, whether by playing with my friends or even with other players. Which made many over the long years ask Turtle Rock and Valve to present a new part of it these days, but as usual, Valve did not even spare us and give us what we want. But after these long years spanning more than a decade, the Turtle Rock studio returns to present us with its new project, Back 4 Blood, which is the next part or the spiritual heir of the Left 4 Dead series, but with a new look and various ideas that fit the technical progress that the video game industry is experiencing now.

And now with the official launch of the game Back 4 Blood across home devices and the computer, we can dive into this cooperative experience, which, over 60 hours of playing, has been able to provide an enjoyable experience that I did not get tired of at all, and this is certainly due to the diversity of the gameplay and the challenge it offers The game as your level increases, so believe me, my dear friend, this game will live for a long time, especially with Turtle Rock’s support for it with additional content and updates, and you will learn about this during our review of this game.

Back 4 Blood offers a larger and more expansive story mode even than what we saw in Left 4 Dead, where the events of the story mode take place after many years of an outbreak of disease and epidemic all over the world caused by a parasite, and many and many people have been transformed, and our eight heroes are now living In the post-apocalyptic world, the story revolves around 8 people “you will get to know 4 of them at first” known as the “cleaners” who will have to fight the zombies and collect the tools and equipment needed in order to survive.

He developed the story, and despite receiving a variety of cinematic scenes from time to time, and although it was also longer than the Left 4 Dead parts, it is not the main focus of the game or the goal on which it was built, but the goal or essence of the game, which is the cooperative playing experience that emerged in Its splendor, whether during the experience of the campaign mode with your friends or other players over the network, or even during the experience of competitive and multiplayer online play, both phases offer a great challenge and diversity in the game that will make you spend many hours wanting more and more of it.

In contrast to the campaign and story phase, there is a competitive game mode as I mentioned entitled Swarm, and although we did not have the opportunity to try it more due to the small number of players before the official launch of the game, but in the time I spent with it, it can be said that it is good, but it is not comparable to the cooperative playing experience. In swarm mode or campaign mode. The Swarm breakfast takes players and divides into two teams, one human and the other zombie, and they exchange after each round, and the winner is the one who survives as long as possible during the three rounds of the game.

The phase needs different playing styles other than this, it could have provided us with the experience of World War Z, and put players against players against zombies in a survival life experience, and it would have become much better than what we witnessed during this phase, but perhaps during the coming period it will be decided Turtle Rock New types of matches are available in this mode to further improve the experience.

Fun and entertaining gameplay

As I mentioned in our review subtitle that the spirit of Left 4 Dead swirls throughout the game, it’s the same with the gameplay that is inspired by many of the studio’s famous game, but the studio has introduced new ideas to provide a different and not boring experience for the old players. This is where the game’s card system comes in, which offers a wide variety of gameplay and also helps you overcome the hordes of zombies that face them. The cards here have a varied effect and include a large collection that helps you, for example, to increase the damage of weapons or increase their reload and take more damage, and a lot of features that each card offers over the other, and the game provides you with making your own set of cards before the start of playing. But while playing online you will have to get it by playing and earn points during the rounds in order to unlock and allocate new cards.

Other than the cards that also help you during the game, whether solo or co-op, there are other cards that will hurt you at times and make things difficult for you and your team members, which are the Corruption cards, but if you manage to implement challenges or overcome the negative impact of these cards, the game will reward you greatly generous.

This card system offers a wide variety of playing style that affects not only you, but the team even. Your team members improve the selection of cards in order to distribute their benefits and perks to the team members, giving you more health, less damage and longer life during the game in order to complete missions and survive longer.

As for the gameplay itself, the game does not offer significant additions to what we saw in Left 4 Dead or even any other zombie game. The game offers you a good arsenal of various weapons between heavy weapons and light weapons, in addition to hand weapons that will help you greatly in case you run out of ammunition your own. But the strange thing here in the game is the fire recoil system, which was very good during my experience with the beta version, but when I tried the full version, there are weapons and during firing you find that they are fired here and there in an unsteady or accurate way, even if you customize these weapons with the appropriate equipment, this problem still remains Annoyingly present, which made me prefer using hand or melee weapons for a longer time with the use of close range weapons such as SMG, etc. due to its less recoil than heavy weapons, which became difficult to deal with in this version, although it was very good during the beta.

The game also offers a wide variety of zombie monsters, between traditional monsters, which can be controlled most of the time, and zombies that can pin you to the ground or throw you into the air, and many zombies who have various abilities, which will make you go through a difficult experience if you can’t play properly. Cooperate with your team members, improve the selection of cards and constantly develop weapons. The more you feel that you have become stronger and the game becomes easier, it means that it is time to move to another difficulty level and a greater challenge, the game offers 3 levels of difficulty, each of them offers a challenge according to the player’s desire, there is a nightmare level which is more difficult and as it is written in the description “You will die a lot “.

Back 4 Blood gave a good performance in terms of graphics and a special character that is also inspired by its godfather Left 4 Dead, with some cinematic scenes appearing here and there in the campaign phase in particular, and they were good. Even despite the presence of large numbers of zombies in one scene, the game delivered a consistent and good performance and was very smooth during my experience with it, and the design and diversity of the zombies was distinctive and credited to the Turtle Rock team as it was in the Left 4 Dead parts. The same is true for the sound effects, both for the sounds of zombies, which you can hear from behind, and the sounds of explosions and birds, with a variety of background music that stirs enthusiasm inside you between each stage.

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