Avowed has entered pre-production and features destructible environments

Uncover a new report from Windows Central Avowed is a massive first-person shooter from Studio Obsidian, set in the fantasy world of Pillars of Eternity.

The report confirms that the game has many factors that the Pillars of Eternity fans love and is familiar with, such as the magical moves Jolting Touch, Fetid Caress, and creatures such as Xaurips. Destructible environments so that when executing a fiery magic move, its effect will remain on the area.

New details appear to shed light on the upcoming Xbox Series X|S RPG by Obsidian.

The report also indicates that the game is still in a pre-production stage and a pre-alpha stage, so it is not playable yet, but there is good progress in the development process and it is likely that it will enter a playable stage during E3 2022, that is, it can be reviewed in depth at the time.

There is no official confirmation of this news yet.

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