Audi breaks window in Sainsbury’s pet food aisle, police blame ‘bad driving’

Pedigree monkey: Police blame ‘poor level of driving’ after Audi slipped through the window into Sainsbury’s pet food aisle…but luckily no one’s hurt

  • The luxury car crashed into the Sainsbury’s in Allenton, Derby, on December 18
  • Derbyshire Police joked in a statement ‘Cleaner wanted in pet food aisle’
  • ‘Lots and lots of damage’ caused by the storming of the red Audi A3 store
  • One social media user joked that the car had missed the word Whiskers

An Audi driver got a red face after his car broke into a Sainsbury’s store and ended up in the pet food aisle.

Derbyshire Police were called to Superstore Osmestone Park in Allenton, Derby, last night.

The red Audi A3 wreaked havoc after crashing through a window on the side of the building.

Meanwhile, the window and one of the shelves were demolished, causing extensive damage.

The force’s road police unit said it was investigating the incident. No one is hurt.

A red Audi A3 suddenly entered the pet food aisle of a Sainsbury store in Allenton, Derby, last night (December 18), knocking down a shelf and window

No one was hurt as a result of the strange car break-in into the store, although Derbyshire Police said

No one was hurt as a result of the strange car intrusion into the store, although Derbyshire Police said “lots, lots of damage” was done.

Derbyshire Police joked: ‘Sainsbury’s, Osmaston Park Road, Derby. An in-store cleaner is required in the pet food aisle, please.

Audi drives to the shop window. The investigation is ongoing but initial CCTV inquiries show poor leadership in the parking lot. No injuries but lots and lots of damage.

Social media users saw the humorous side of the incident, with one writing: “Reports say he missed the checkout team by Whiskers.”

Another user commented on social media: “This is definitely something 3 cats in a raincoat would do!”


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