Arizona is the first to add driver’s licenses to Apple’s portfolio

announced Apple announced the first US states to support the new iOS 15 ability to store driver’s licenses and state ID in the iPhone’s Wallet app.

Arizona and Georgia lead the way, with Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah next.

No timeline has been set for when the new feature will be adopted by these states, however, the company says consumers can expect more information at a later date.

The Transportation Security Administration confirmed again that it is opening specific airport checkpoints and security corridors for Apple IDs for mobile phones as soon as states start making them available.

Adding a state ID or driver’s license to Apple’s Wallet app works similarly to how you currently add a credit card.

But after checking your license or ID with your iPhone’s camera, you also need to provide a selfie that your state can use for verification purposes.

The company says: Users are also required to complete a series of face and head movements during the setup process for added safety.

The company is also emphasizing once again the privacy protections it provides for driver’s licenses and state IDs. Noting that it and the issuing states do not know when or where users provide their IDs and that biometric authentication is required to share data.

The identifiers are presented digitally through an encrypted connection directly between the device and the identity reader. So users do not need to unlock, show or hand over their device.

Arizona is the first to add driver’s licenses to Apple’s portfolio

The company is trying to address concerns raised by some about what mobile phone identifiers could mean when interacting with police and other law enforcement. And it looks like you will never have to unlock your phone to share Mobile ID.

The company says its implementation of mobile identifiers supports the ISO 18013-5 mDL (Mobile Driver’s License) standard. which Apple played an active role in its development. Which sets clear industry guidelines on protecting consumers’ privacy when providing an ID or driver’s license through a mobile device.

The company is clearly trying to counter any hesitation about the new feature, and proponents of digital IDs argue that it is more secure than physical documents.

But the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation you warned A big impact would be if digital IDs completely replaced physical documents.

The organizations have also criticized the federal government for trying to link mobile driver licenses to the . program REAL ID.

And this new functionality is included in iOS 15 when it’s released this fall. But states determine if and when Apple Wallet-based state IDs and driver’s licenses are joined.

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